(PANN) 170531 – A trainee who is the unofficial narrator of Produce.gif (+397, -11)

Park Woojin, who is the unofficial reporter of Produce these days

1) As soon as the music was turned on, they looked like beasts who saw food.gif


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(MISC) Full clarification on Im Youngmin’s open chat room written by the chat room creator (@/wingpaca)

Because I would like to respect the OP’s decisions in making sure the information does not get changed, I have created it into a PDF file. Please only share through the link.



(NEWS) 170531 – Interview with Produce 101’s Choi Junyoung

(T/N: Translated parts relevant to the ’10 Points Out of 10′ team which included Woojin!)


  • Mentioned that he secretly ate a lot of food with the people he shared a room with
  • Because Mnet provided most of their clothes, he didn’t need to pack a lot, so he filled his carrier up with snacks
  • Although they were given snacks, there was a limit on it, so the trainees brought a lot of things to eat instead (since there’s also no place to buy snacks on-scene either)
  • He brought a ramyun pot and made everyone smile at it
  • He ate ramyun in the bag with his ‘10 Points Out of 10’ team members
  • To his ‘10 Points Out of 10’ team members: “I’m glad I was able to practice together with you guys and I hope that you guys could do well to make up for those who were eliminated. I hope that you guys do your best till the end and perform without any regrets, so that you could walk on a flower path.”



(NEWS) An old article from 2009 interviewing Woojin and his mother for Superstar K


There was already an “on-scene star” prior to auditions beginning. With his looks that are similar to Big Bang’s T.O.P, Park Woojin (10) was filmed for the first time with a ‘noona army’ following him. “Woojin-ah, Big Bang’s ‘Lies’.” As soon as his manager, who is his mother Kang Mihong (37), spoke those words, he started to hum the rap and open a ‘on-the-spot concert’. The imitation of T.O.P’s look for his stage look completely with a t-shirt, scarf, and earrings was created by Kang as she looked all around the international market. Kang said, “Because he has talent in singing and dancing, I want to make him into an idol star.”



(NEWS) 170530 – ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ Park Woojin, shingles reduced… Will return to filming on the 3rd


‘Produce 101 Season 2’ Brand New Music’s trainee, Park woojin, who visited the hospital due to shingles, will be returning to the program. This is because his own will is usually strong.

According to an industry representative on the 30th, Park Woojin will be participating in filming Mnet ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ on the 3rd as scheduled. This is a message that his health has healed to a certain level through the outpatient treatment.

Park Woojin participated in ‘Produce 101’ concept evaluations with a sick body on the 28th. However, afterwards, his high fever symptoms worsened and he went to a hospital where he was diagnosed with shingles and hospitalized.

He was currently healing his health through receiving outpatient treatment. And now that his condition has bettered itself up to a certain point, his own will in wanting to participate in the program without an absence, which caused even his company to agree to the decision of returning to broadcast.


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(NEWS) 170530 – Produce 101 Will Be Placing a Penalty on Im Youngmin


(T/N: Only translating relevant information)

On the 29th, ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 representatives revealed to Star News that “We have confirmed Im Youngmin’s misconduct and will be giving a penalty.”

There was a controversy where Im Youngmin’s older brother told fans what song Im Youngmin wanted to do. A representative explained, “We confirmed with the trainee through the company that he never talked about the song he wanted with his family members. However, since it was confirmed that his family talked with fans, he will receive a penalty in order to keep it fair. We are currently discussing the penalty method.”

There was also a controversy over a post that stated Im Youngmin shared the spoilers of the program to someone he knows. However, a representative stated, “We asked him about it (spoiling rankings), but he stated that he has never told his rankings to anyone he knew. The company also stated that it is not written by someone he knows.” They also added, “So there will be no additional penalties regarding this.”




(NEWS) 170529 – Brand New Music “Produce 101 Season 2, Park Woojin, Diagnosed with Shingles.. Receiving treatment after finishing 3rd evaluations” (Official Statement)


Mnet ‘Produce 101’ Season 2’s Brand New Music trainee, Park Woojin, went to the hospital due to shingles.

On the 29th, a representative from his company, Brand New Music, told Xports News, “While preparing for the concept evaluations, Park Woojin suddenly reached a high fever and went to the hospital and was diagnosed with shingles. However, since he is normally someone with strong will and desire, his will in wanting to finish the stage was strong, so he was able to safely finish the concept evaluation stage.”

They added, “Afterwards, he returned to the hospital and is currently resting while receiving treatment. We will make sure he is able to hurry and recover completely to show a better side.”

Meanwhile, Brand New Music’s trainee, Park Woojin, has been currently receiving a lot of love from national producers for having a combination of visuals, rap, and dance skills. In the 2nd ranking evaluation, he showed his steady rise by achieving the rank of 14th.



(NEWS) 170529 – Actress Hong Seoyoung mentions Donghyun in an interview

(T/N: omitted parts unrelated to Donghyun)


#Kim Donghyun

Hong Seoyoung posted a message on her SNS account to support Kim Donghyun, who is currently appearing on Mnet ‘Produce 101 Season 2’. In the post Hong Seoyoung wrote, “Donghyunie looks cute? Pick me pick me pick you pick you, you’ll receive a lot of love. I support Produce 101’s Donghyunnie”.

To this, Hong Seoyoung stated, “I’m still friends with my high school teacher. My teacher’s student is Donghyun. I met up with Donghyun and we ate together too. We saw each other get lessons and since we both were MCs at our academy, we’ve been friends that have known each other. Along with FNC’s Lee Haein, the three of us are friends. I posted a support message along with our teacher.”