(PINNED) Compilation of other trainees talking about Brand New Music trainees (UPDATED: 170725)

(T/N: This is mainly interviews/V App-based. Let me know if I missed any and I’d be glad to add them! Click on the dates to be hyperlinked to the original source. Unless otherwise stated, all quotes have been translated by me. Please take out with FULL credits.)

(170725) Noh Taehyun talked about how he really favored Daehwi on ‘Must Eat Twenty’. (English subbed video can be found HERE by nohtaehyunfan)

(170725) Kim Dongbin: “To start off, the thing people seemed to be most curious about is about Woojin hyung. How I became friends with Woojin hyung is… Can you all hear me well? I’ll explain how I became friends with Woojin hyung. The reason behind how I became friends with Woojin hyung back then is this. At the beginning of Produce 101, I didn’t have anyone I was really close with. But at that time, Woojin hyung really danced well. I had to do ‘Call Me Baby’, but I wanted to learn the dance, so I asked him how I should do it and approached him first. And the reason behind why I held his hand as well as why he came with me when I was practicing with Youngmin hyung and Donghyun hyung is something I asked of him. Since it was my first time rapping, I wanted to ask him about rapping and dancing, so I asked Woojin hyung if he could listen my rap once. I wanted to receive some help.”

(170725) Kim Dongbin:  “Ah! While we’re on the topic of kind people, NU’EST’s Minki hyung and Daehwi and Woojin hyung who are debuting through WANNA ONE. This is about personality?” // “For Daehwi, when I first did Chewing Gum, I cried, right? I cried then, but at backstage — this wasn’t shown on broadcast. But backstage, Daehwi saw me crying and ran to me, telling me not to cry. // “Woojin hyung is also really nice. When I would play or joke around, he would accept it all. He’s really a good hyung.”

(170725) Kim Dongbin: “I really like all of the Brand New hyungs.”

(170725) Kim Dongbin: “Donghyun hyung is really kind too!”

(170725) Ahn Hyungseob: <August Edition of DAZED> “There are so many trainees that I remember the most, so it’s hard to pick, but if I were to pick, it would be Kang Daniel hyung, Noh Taehyun hyung, Park Woojin, and Yoon Jisung hyung.”

(170724) Kim Namhyung chose Woojin and Daehwi as one of the members he knew would become WANNA ONE members.

(170724) Kim Namhyung: “While practicing, I received a lot of help from Seongwoo and Daehwi among others.”

(170721) Kim Dongbin chose Woojin as one of the top 3 trainees he was closest to. He also wrote Daehwi in a list following after of trainees he was friends with.

(170721) Kim Dongbin: The position evaluation you wanted to do? // “I wanted to do ‘Get Ugly’, but it was closed off early, so I was a bit sad, but I liked ‘Boys and Girls’ that I did with Youngmin hyung and Donghyun hyung the best!”

(170718) Ahn Hyungseob: <August Edition of CeCi> “If my skills improve in the future, I would like to perform as a duo with (Park) Woojin. I have a desire to work together at that time rather than just have a feeling of me receiving help.”

(170718) Jung Sewoon: <August Edition of CeCi> Q: If you could have the chance to collaborate with someone among the 101 trainees, who would you want to perform with? // “I want to make another stage with Kim Donghyun and Im Youngmin hyung.”

(170718) Jung Sewoon: <August Edition of CeCi> Q: You guys are called ‘YoungDongPo’ among fans. // “That’s right. Youngmin’s ‘Young’, Donghyun’s ‘Dong’, and my nickname is the animation character, Ponyo. They took the ‘Po’ from Ponyo and gave us the name ‘YoungDongPo’. We became really close during ‘Be Mine’ and both the preparation steps and performance were fun.”

(170718) Takada Kenta: “When ‘Open Up’ got 1st place, I was so happy that I almost cried. To be honest, Haknyeon, Youngmin, and Seonho probably had a really difficult time. After practicing a different song for an entire week, they had to suddenly memorize ‘Open Up’ in two days. The choreography was also fixed the day right before live broadcast rehearsals. There really wasn’t much time to practice.”

(170716) Lee Geonhee: “I originally continuously picked NU’EST’s Choi Minki hyung, but when they saw that, Lee Daehwi and Bae Jinyoung complained ‘How could you’ to me. While being in the vocal position, I became really close with Daehwi and Jinyoung. Of course, I’m unable to contact them right now, but prior to that, they were friends who trusted me as a hyung, so I’m very thankful. Although you asked for me to pick just one person, Daehwi and Jinyoung are basically one of the same nature. So I will pick DaeJinyoung. Even though they are younger than me, there are many things to learn, so I remember being thankful.”

(170716) Yeo Hwanwoong: “I became really close with the friends of my age, 98’ers. And there were also ‘나야 나 (Pick Me)’ B class friends whom I met for the first time and shared a difficult time with. I had fun with the 98-line friends such as Lee Gwanghyun, Kim Donghyun, Kim Donghan, and Lee Junwoo. Of course, there were difficulties, but thanks to these friends, I was able to enjoy it while working hard.”

(170716) Son Dongmyeong:I was friends with everyone, so it’s hard to pick just one. I was close with Hyungseob and Haknyeon from the start since they were my roommates, and then I befriended Daehwi and Jihoon later on.”

(170716) Kim Jaehan: “All 4 Brand New Music trainees caught my attention. During the first company performance, it felt like I was really watching a live stage. Because they’re trainees who have a sense of completion, they left the most impression for me.”

(170716) Joo Jinwoo: “For me, Daehwi and Jinyoung caught my attention…. Both Daehwi and Jinyoung followed along well, so I knew that they would do well.”

(170715) Byun Hyunmin: “There’s someone I personally like called Park Woojin. Ever since 10/10, we were very close. For me, that friend, wait no he’s a sunbaenim (senior) now. I became a fan of Woojin since he did the center evaluation. So whenever there was an interview, I never left out Woojin. I always talked about him and then we became the same team for 10/10. So while sharing the same dorm, we talked about things and also met on our personal time and ate delicious foods and got along well with each other, but now that he’s debuted, I feel that he’s really become a world star. I feel more proud.”

(170715) Choi Seunghyuk: “Brand New Music’s Park Woojin trainee. My friend turned out to be friends with Park Woojin. At first, we greeted each other and talked about that mutual friend, but we didn’t have the opportunity to be in the same team. It’s a shame.”

(170714) Kim Donghan: “How I became friends with Donghyun is… We gradually became friends with each other starting from <나야 나> B class. We became friends then and started talking and then ended up in the same team for ‘I Know You Know’. We didn’t have the chance to meet in between that and ended up meeting for ‘I Know You Know’. Also! Donghyun recommended ‘Shape Of You’ to me. I didn’t know any of the songs, and Donghyun was standing next to me, so since Donghyun knows a lot of songs, I asked him what would be good. He said that he liked Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’. So I told him I’m going to trust in him and if blame him if the song isn’t good, then I went in. Since then, ‘Shape Of You’ did well, so I’m thankful towards Donghyun.

(170710) Yeo Hwanwoong: “When I was in B-rank, Youngmin hyung, Daniel hyung, and I learned the choreography and shared it with everyone. With the thought of ‘If we all work hard together, then we can go to A-rank. Let’s all go together’, we all gave each other strength and practiced really hard. We practiced all night and woke each other up, but since those parts didn’t really come out, I was honestly a bit sad about it.”

(170710) Yoo Seonho: “Lee Daehwi is a hyung who is like a friend… Woojin hyung is also a hyung I’m very close with. We became close near the end before the live broadcast, and it was really fun.”

(170710) Yoo Seonho: “Making choreography with Daehwi hyung was fun too. I remember making it with Dehwi hyung. I suddenly remembered it. Since there are so many things I did, I remember them occasionally at random times like this.”

(170710) Yoo Seonho mentioned Youngmin in an interview (separate post because it’s long)! [LINK]

(170710) Kim Donghan:When we did the first company level evaluation, we saw their stages with our very own eyes. Daehwi caught my attention the most back then and even now. He did really well. While watching Daehwi’s stage, I thought, ‘That trainee will do well no matter what’.”

(170708) Ahn Hyungseob: “…I also knew that Lee Daehwi would debut the moment I saw him. Lee Daehwi looked like a bright fairy. He was so pretty. My attention especially went towards Lee Daehwi.”

(170708) Ahn Hyungseob: “The most charming one was Lee Daehwi. Ever since the first recording, he drew in attention and always shined. I wanted to befriend him, so I was happy that I was actually able to get close with him. And his charms don’t just stop at overflowing, they explode and he’s gentle, kind, and has a soft-heart. I hope that Daehwi does really well.”

(170708) Takada Kenta said Brand New kids along with Seonho and Haknyeon had interest in learning Japanese. He also taught Japanese the most to the ‘Open Up’ team members.

(170707) Yoo Seonho: “And I like to hug too. When I hug the hyungs, they really like it. Daehwi hyung reacts to it the best.”

(170705) Yoo Seonho: “Jisung hyung, Dongho hyung, and Daehwi hyung along with all of the other hyungs, taught me a lot. I think the hyungs tried to teach me each and every thing since my age is young.”

(170704) Yoo Seonho: “They’re asking who made the greeting I do with Park Woojin hyung… I don’t know how that got started too, but the chest pump is something I always do now whenever I see Woojin hyung. I think it’s a traditional way to greet for the two of us now.”

(170704) Yoo Seonho: “Daehwi hyung… Technically, if you were to go by birthdays, we should be friends (of the same age), but since I was born in 2002, it’s honestly true that he’s my hyung. It’s true that he’s my hyung, so anyways, I treat hyung well and he looks at me kindly too. We are doing fine with each other like friends.

(170704) Yoo Seonho: “I miss Youngmin hyung…”

(170703) Jang Moonbok mentioning Youngmin as one of the Produce 101 contestants he was friends with.

(170630) Yeo Hwanwoong mentioned Youngmin along with Daniel and himself as the trainees who helped teach B class ‘나야 나’ choreography.

(170629) Jang Moonbok: “Brand New Music’s Park Woojin grew in height. He was definitely shorter than or the same height as me before, but now he’s taller.”

(170629) Kim Taemin: “I memorized 2 lines of lyrics in 3 days. It was hard because I really couldn’t memorize them. I remember practicing really hard in the corner. If I received good comments, it would all be thanks to those who have rap positions such as Jonghyun, Moonbok, Woojin, and Youngmin. If I didn’t have their help, I would have been in big trouble.”

(170629) Lee Woojin mentioned that the hyungs he was closest with were the Brand New Music trainees. “I’m close with the Brand New Music hyungs, and maybe it’s because our companies are close to each other, but I run into them on the streets. Even if we don’t make plans to meet, we end up meeting.”

(170629) Lee Woojin: “The hyungs that I thought would make Wanna One were Kang Daniel, Park Woojin, and Park Jihoon. As I saw them practice, I thought ‘These hyungs are going to make it’.”

(170628) Kim Taemin: “And when writing rap lyrics, I received help from Jang Moonbok, Kim Jonghyun, and Park Woojin. I rapped during my prior trainee days, but that was all copying (existing lyrics) then. It was my first time writing lyrics. I would have been in serious trouble if I didn’t have the help of those who normally rapped.”

(170627) Lee Kiwon: (Naming who he was friends with)… Brand New Music’s Donghyun hyung! We were normally friends. (Kim Sangbin: Youngmin would be sad) I’m also friends with Youngmin hyung!”

(170626) Lee Geonhee: “I didn’t have a set fixed pick, but I voted for myself and Daehwi during the ‘1 person, 2 votes’ system. And that’s because Lee Daehwi was next to Lee Geonhee. (Laughter) To be honest, Daehwi had a hard time in the beginning. He had a hard time with negative comments and burdens from that, but it was respectable to see him endure it bravely despite his young age, so I voted for him as well. My vote naturally went to Daehwi.”

(170626) Park Sungwoo: “During ‘Be Mine’, I was late in learning the choreography. Youngmin knew the choreography the most, and he went through a lot of trouble to teach others it as well.”

(170625) Kim Donghan: “We shared 1 room between 2 people, and I used it with Donghyun. And there weren’t any cameras observing in the dorms since then. So people came from other rooms to play too. I’ll stop here.” + also mentions that he became closer with Donghyun through rooming together.

(170625) Park Sungwoo: “Despite being a competition program, I was able to fit in well without any trouble due to receiving help from my peers including Im Youngmin, Lee Woojin, Kim Donghyun, Jung Sewoon, and Kenta.”

(170624) Jang Moonbok: “While dorming at ‘Produce 101 Season 2’, the guys would just see my backside and confuse me with the writer. Someone thought it was me and placed their arm around the writer’s shoulder too. (Laughter) And Daehwi especially would sometimes get surprised whenever he saw me. Thinking that I was the writer.”

(170624) Kim Samuel: “Youngmin hyung also showed a stable stage during ‘Open Up’, so it felt regrettable when he wasn’t in the debut group.”  (Chose Youngmin + Woo Jinyoung as the trainees he felt most regret over being eliminated)

(170623) Jang Moonbok: “And what was the most unexpected side for me was Brand New’s Youngmin. He really cried sorrowfully at that time. Since there were quite a few things built up in his heart, Youngmin really cried and said that he worked really hard, but felt so regrettable that it ended up like this. I felt really sad for him. Also, since Youngmin and I are the same age, we talked well with each other.” (On V App)

(170623) Lee Woojin: “I relied a lot on Daniel hyung, Sewoon hyung, and Youngmin hyung. They were very trusting and reliable.” // “In the ‘Be Mine’ team, there were hyungs who are good at singing. Sewoon hyung and Donghyun hyung were there.”

(170616) Yoo Seonho (when asked if he wanted one of the trainees’ charms): “Woojin hyung’s dancing. He’s the best at dancing.”

(170609) Lee Woojin: “The hyung I always voted for was Brand New Music’s Park Woojin hyung. Since I first saw Woojin hyung, I thought that he was a hyung who danced really well and was charming. He’s also really manly, so he always plays aggressively.”

(170609) Jung Sewoon: “I recently fell for Woojin, but his charisma and power on stage is really different from others. I think he’s really cool and does really well.”

(170609) Ahn Hyungseob: “He normally gives off a normal person vibe, but when he goes on stage, he shows a gap difference of being an artist, and I think that’s really cool.”

(170608) Yoon Yongbin: “I was friends with everyone throughout, but the trainees I was closest with were Hwang Minhyun, Ha Sungwoon, Ong Seongwoo, Bae Jinyoung, Lee Daehwi, Park Woojin, Ahn Hyungseob, Kwon Hyunbin, and Sung Hyunwoo.”

(170606) Park Sungwoo: “I’m especially thankful towards my team members. Youjin, Woojin, Sewoon, Donghyun, Youngmin, and Kenta from ‘Be Mine’… are people I’m really thankful towards. There were some that helped me directly and also others who constantly stimulated me through their individual practicing.”

(170602) Byun Hyunmin: “(Woojin) was really cool. During the center selection, the one for A Class, he did popping really well, so I really wanted to be in a team with him… He’s the same age as me. I really wanted to be in the same team.”

(170601) Yoon Jaechan: “I’m also friends with Park Woojin!” // “I think I was the closest with Woojin among the people in our same-age group. Woojin is very playful and also has a lot of skills. He’s very good, very good.”

(170527) Lee Youjin: “Youngmin worked really hard during ‘Be Mine’, so I feel very sorry. Youngmin and I also relied on each other the most too. That’s why I want to tell Youngmin that I’m thankful. Thank you.”



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  1. Cindy Zeng June 30, 2017 / 11:13 pm

    oh my woojin be friends with everyone!! I think the show wanted to edit it out to keep his “shy” image but I would really like to see more interactions with other people TT
    woojinie so kinddd to help everybody
    but so are all the other brand new boys!! I do feel bad youngmin didn’t get to debut with wanna one but I don’t worry cus I will still support him! hopefully he and donghyun could wait a little and have activities in the meantime~~
    ahh daehwi has such cute actions but he has such a strong mentality… he deserves his place! so proud of him!
    so proud of them all!!! BRAND NEW BOYS FIGHTING!!!

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