(INTERVIEW) 170728 – Xportsnews with MXM: Questions sent in by fans

(T/N: These are the questions sent in by fans. I’ll get to the other interview questions when I’m 100% awake…)



Q. What were your impressions of each other?

Youngmin: He was very scary. The reason why is because Donghyun was originally already a trainee of Brand New and I came in late, but it was the day of auditions. Since I went personally on my own, I was very nervous, but Donghyun didn’t even care for me and was very ‘my way’. He didn’t have an expression and was wearing a black facial mask, so I thought ‘He’s someone that’s hard to befriend’, but we ended up talking right away that day.

Donghyun: (Sighs) I thought that an endlessly kind person had come. My first impression of him was very good-natured. (Youngmin: I was shrinking at that time due to being nervous.) Because he greeted everyone with 90 degrees and things, I thought that he was a very innocent and kind person.

Q: During ‘Produce 101’ Season 2, which trainee did you want to learn the most from?

Youngmin: Pledis’ Kim Jonghyun trainee. I just thought that he did his role as a leader well, but Jonghyun was the leader at the end when we were in the same team. I saw how he’s strong when necessary, but still has fun and takes care of others, and thought that I should learn from that. The way he showed a strong will in what he has to do stood out much more compared to other trainees. I think the person I felt most regret about not being in top 11 was Jonghyun.

Donghyun: Starship’s Jung Sewoon trainee. I really like the music Hyung does, but he taught me this and that and took care of me. Since he’s from Busan, he also has a blunt side, but he’s also very playful and like a fool. But then the way his eyes change when talking about music is something I really wanted to learn from.

Q: The trainee you were closest to during ‘Produce 101’?

Youngmin: Starship’s Jung Sewoon trainee. Ever since we started dorming at first, we started as roommates. Maybe it’s because we were with each other in the start, but we were close.

Donghyun: I also choose Sewoon hyung. When we were dorming, our rooms were always next to each other. But there was a time when only I was far away. At that time, the only people that came from another room to talk to me was Youngmin hyung and Sewoon hyung. Because he always took good care of me and treated me well, I wanted to tell him that I’m really thankful.

Q: Is there something you remember from fanletters or comments?

Youngmin: “Why is even your name Youngmin?” is a comment I remember. Before, I wondered whether I should change my name since Youngmin didn’t sound special and didn’t really have an impact for an idol, but I was thankful since it seemed like they were saying it suits me. I think I liked funny things like ‘Even Youngmin’s name sounds intelligent (T/N: The word for intelligent = youngmin/영민)’.

Donghyun: During our V App, there was a moment where we asked for people to give us a unit name. At that time, there was a variety of names being sent, but the one I remember the most is ‘심장팤동’ (T/N: heart beat, play on the phrase ‘심장박동’ with ‘팤동’ from Paca and Donghyun). Because it was so cute and new, I felt that there are a lot of people among our fans who are quite witty. I want to learn from them.

Q: What is your favorite food?

Youngmin: I eat everything well without being picky, but I like pho.

Donghyun: Potato fried rice that my mom makes. Since my mother works, the fried rice she made quickly with potato when I was younger was the most delicious. Also, I like Spicy Crab Stew.

Q: What food do you dislike?

Youngmin: I’m not picky about anything.

Donghyun: Mushrooms. When I was younger, there was a time where I ate mushrooms and had really bad indigestion, so I haven’t been able to eat it since then. I think I’m sensitive to the texture and mushroom juice that comes out when you chew it. My body seems to remember it.

Q: Do you have a ‘movie of your life’?

Youngmin: ‘Inception’. I like things like twists, escaping rooms, and chasing, but I liked this movie so much that I watched it about five times. I like looking it up once it’s over and understanding it like, ‘Ah, it was this kind of story line’. I like watch movies alone, but movies like these can’t have distractions from the side, so I make sure to watch it alone and stay concentrated.

Donghyun: I like SF movies. I was very impressed with ‘Interstellar’. Since I’ve never gone to space before, I can only imagine it and it’s an unknown world that you would want to go to at least once. So it felt like I was enjoying it vicariously.

Q: What do you have Rhymer and the Brand New trainees saved as under your phone?

Youngmin: I don’t have our CEO’s number. There isn’t an opportunity for me to personally contact him. Since our CEO normally visits us often, we don’t really have a chance to separately contact him. He treats us well to the point where I wonder if a trainee can be this comfortable with a CEO. Donghyun is ‘Dongdongie’, and Woojin is saved as ‘Woojim’ and it happened when I was quickly saving his name, but it was cute, so I just left it. And Daehwi is saved as ‘Cute Daehwi’.

Donghyun: I have our CEO saved as ‘Rhymer CEO-nim…★’. Youngmin hyung is saved as ‘Melting Youngmin’. A fan of Youngmin hyung wrote a fanletter, but he was cutely laughing while reading that. So I looked at what they wrote, but they wrote ‘You make people melt’, ‘You’re Melting Youngmin’, and that stayed in my memory so much that I saved him as that. Daehwi and Woojin are saved under their names.

Q: Please recommend a place for vacation.

Youngmin: During my vacations, I’ve only gone to Busan. Because I like spending time at home with my family, I think I normally just work in the field. A place I want to go is a place with a vast ocean that has a cliff too.

Donghyun: Since we’re busy lately, I haven’t exactly gone anywhere, but there’s a place called Sapsido from my past memories. I went there when I was younger, but I remember having a lot of fun.

Q: Can noona fans call you oppa?

Youngmin: I like it. I have a younger brother, but I always thought that it would be nice to have a younger sister. I have an ideal image towards having a younger sister or older sister. Maybe that’s why, but I like being called an oppa because it makes me feel like an adult and I don’t dislike that term at all since people younger than me like me as well.

Donghyun: I didn’t know that the term ‘oppa’ was that great. But after hearing it, it was nice. (Smiles) Although I feel embarrassed, it feels like I’m receiving interest and love, so I liked it.

Q: Do you use informal or formal speech?

Youngmin: Donghyun uses a mix of formal and informal speech. I think he usually uses 60% informal and 40% formal.



Q: Do you put sugar on your tomatoes when eating them?

Youngmin: The tomatoes from my house are salty tomatoes, so while being tart and sweet, it also tastes salty from the ocean soil. So I don’t put sugar on my tomatoes.

Q: Did you hear how we followed the rap part for ‘Super Hot’ during the finale concert?

Youngmin: I normally place my in-ear in both of my ears, but I could hear the fans following along through my in-ears. I was so surprised that I purposely took out an in-ear on one side. Because I wanted to listen to it. I felt a lot of excitement then. I was really, really happy.

Q: What do you think about your Paca-Q nickname? (T/N: his signature finger salute)

Youngmin: It’s my signature move, but I do it a lot when rapping. Besides ‘Open Up’, I think I did it in all my performances starting from the first. What’s fascinating is that I didn’t have a nickname ever since I was younger, but when I see how I’m being given so many nicknames and love, I think it’s really nice.

Q: Do you have any thoughts about acting?

Youngmin: I don’t not have any thoughts about acting. However, I want to do well in music more as of now.

Q: There was a scene captured where you kissed your mom.

Youngmin: I didn’t think that scene would get captured. My family has three brothers and we’re all Kyungsang-do males. Including my dad, it’s already four males. It’s the peak of strong and silentness, but we break that and the three brothers give a kiss around four times a day. We try not to do it outside, but my mom said ‘kiss’ that day, so I ended up doing it.

Q: Do you know that the hoodie you wore became sold-out?

Youngmin: I get cold really often. Since ‘Produce 101’ barely had any outdoor filming, we were indoors a lot and they would turn on the air conditioner. That’s why I always wore long sleeves. What was meaningful was that it was a hoodie that’s used during the fall and winter weather, but to see it being sold-out in the summer was really fascinating.

Q: Do you want to fix your dialect?

Youngmin: I wanted to fix it before, but I realized that there are a lot of people who like my dialect. So now I don’t want to fix it.

Q: If you were to grade the Seoul dialect skills of the Busan males on ‘Produce 101’ Season 2?

Youngmin: Sewoon doesn’t really use a Busan dialect. Next would be me, then Woojin, and then Daniel. Daniel is the embodiment of Busan dialect. I think I’m a mix of proper speech and dialect. Although I try to speak in proper speech, I still have an accent, so I think it’s a bit inarticulate. But fans seemed to like that. I know that they point out Im Nyeongmin and I Myoungmin. I think I did that at the beginning because I felt that I shouldn’t use my dialect. (Excuses)

Q: What is that bracelet that you’re always wearing on your wrist?

Youngmin: The bracelet on my left side has the meaning that good fortune will come. And the one on my right side is a bracelet that is for my year, which is the Year of the Pig. It isn’t a religious bracelet. My household’s religion is closer to Buddhism, but I also like Christianity. Since my parents also do not have a large obsession towards religion, I see both the positives of Buddhism and Christianity.



Q: Do you have any stories about you and your twin brother?

Donghyun: When we were really young, there was a time we fought. I was upset, but I started to get picked on by another kid. At that moment, my twin brother ran over and got angry while saying ‘Did you do that?’. But as we grew older, he was more introverted and quiet, so I don’t think he expresses it well. But he seems to be cheering me on lately. Since we’re fraternal twins, we look really different. Hyung doesn’t have double eyelids and if I were to compare him to a celebrity, he’s similar to Lee Jaehoon. He’s not normally the type, but since I’m appearing on broadcast, he talks about me to his friends. When I heard about that, I thought ‘That’s cute’. I also felt somewhat proud.

Q: You cross-dressed for your high school graduation picture and that became a hot topic.

Donghyun: Since it was my 3rd year of high school, I thought that I wanted to leave an impressive memory. But I didn’t think it through. If I knew that the picture would be spread around like this, I would have taken it more clearly. I regret not wearing makeup. When that picture first started spreading, I had regrets over cross-dressing, but I don’t any more. I think it let people know about Kim Donghyun more. Although I’m embarrassed, I’m also thankful towards that picture.

Q: I heard that you’re a ‘superstar’ of Namdaejeon High School?

Donghyun: They told me that it would be small and to not feel burdened when helping, so I took it happily. But before I knew it, that picture was hung on the school’s main homepage. So I was quite taken aback. It’s a picture I took during my 3rd year of high school, but my teachers called me ‘superstar’ a lot as means of ‘becoming Namdaejeon High School’s superstar’. Since it’s come to this, I decided to make sure and become a superstar.

Q: Please recommend some tourist attractions in Daejeon.

Donghyun: Since I like exercising, I liked riding a bicycle with my friends, but I rode the course from Mokcheok Bridge at Eunhaeng-dong to the Expo a lot. There are a lot of people riding bicycles and skateboards, but the arboretum next to there is also pretty and nice. I would like to recommend it as an exercise course.

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July 24th, 2022

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