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[MXM/Im Youngmin x Kim Donghyun] We ate late night snacks 😊 #BRANDNEWMUSIC #BRANDNEWBOYS #MXM #ImYoungmin #KimDonghyun #LateNightSnackLive #DietStartsTomorrow


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[MXM/Im Youngmin x Kim Donghyun] Deliciously eating late night snacks  🍽 Did you have a good late night snack time with us? Thank you to everyone who was with us even till the late time 😊 Good night now! Have a good dream 💤 #BRANDNEWMUSIC #BRANDNEWBOYS #MXM #ImYoungmin #KimDonghyun


(TWITTER) 170823 – GQ Korea Editor (@papersalt_)

“You can drink it.”, “No, I wasn’t going to drink it, I just wanted to shake it. Hyung can drink it.” The two boys eyed the single chocolate drink and offered it to each other, but in the end, no one drank it and it was left behind.

GQ Editor (@papersalt_)

I bought a bunch of snacks, but of all things, there ended up only being one chocolate drink in question. After the interview ended and I saw how in the end, no one drank it and it was left behind, it seemed so sad and cute… To think that both of them would like 초코에몽 (T/N: a chocolate milk beverage)… It was the fault of the editor…

As means of apologizing, I’ll release some behind the scenes… They were good and nice kids. They overflowed with will and showed happiness at the smallest of compliments and were very well-mannered. Donghyun also offered the jellies that he brought for himself to each of the staff members by saying, “Would you like one?”

When the assistants placed the snacks on the table and went off to the side, Youngmin took one of everything and brought it over to them and greeted them before leaving. All of the staff liked them.


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[1st Look] Vol. 140 BRAND NEW BOYS

Brand New Music’s Im Young and Kim Donghyun, who although showed an eye-catching amount of activity during <Produce 101>, were regrettably eliminated from the debut group. They have come back as the group, MXM. As the two of them, who are still shy in front of the camera, pulled out their charms one by one, the studio’s air started to stir. With their debut stage ahead of them, nervousness and anticipation could be seen in their eyes along with their innocent passion. #FirstLook #MXM #Converse #DXA #ImYoungmin #KimDonghyun #BRANDNEWMUSIC #GoodDay #Produce101 #1stLook