(ENG) 170824 Park Myungsoo’s Radio Show – WANNA ONE (Daehwi + Woojin cuts)

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(ENG) 170725 – Kim Dongbin mentioning Brand New Boys during his Instagram Live

“To start off, the thing people seemed to be most curious about is about Woojin hyung. How I became friends with Woojin hyung is… Can you all hear me well? I’ll explain how I became friends with Woojin hyung. The reason behind how I became friends with Woojin hyung back then is this. At the beginning of Produce 101, I didn’t have anyone I was really close with. But at that time, Woojin hyung really danced well. I had to do ‘Call Me Baby’, but I wanted to learn the dance, so I asked him how I should do it and approached him first. And the reason behind why I held his hand as well as why he came with me when I was practicing with Youngmin hyung and Donghyun hyung is something I asked of him. Since it was my first time rapping, I wanted to ask him about rapping and dancing, so I asked Woojin hyung if he could listen my rap once. I wanted to receive some help.”

“Ah! While we’re on the topic of kind people, NU’EST’s Minki hyung and Daehwi and Woojin hyung who are debuting through WANNA ONE. This is about personality?”

“For Daehwi, when I first did Chewing Gum, I cried, right? I cried then, but at backstage — this wasn’t shown on broadcast. But backstage, Daehwi saw me crying and ran to me, telling me not to cry.”

“Woojin hyung is also really nice. When I would play or joke around, he would accept it all. He’s really a good hyung.”

“I really like all of the Brand New hyungs.”

“Donghyun hyung is really kind too!”



(MISC) 170712 – Cheetah mentioning Brand New Boys and Daehwi on tvN’s ‘TAXI’


Q: If there was a trainee you thought would make it in the top 11 the moment you saw them, who would it be?

Cheetah: Daehwi! Well, ‘Brand New’ in general. The ‘Brand New’ performance I saw for the first time. I thought “At least one of them will make it, but if so, it would be him (Daehwi)”.

MC: The reason?

Cheetah: You could really see him doing well. His potential to become a star among other things were there. And his dance form is really pretty and he overflows in charms and when I only saw the first impression of 101 trainees, I felt that his eyes sparkled the most.



(ENG) 170629 – Youngmin talking about his first meeting with Woojin (V App)

Youngmin: “I met Woojin when he was in 6th grade and I was in… I think my 2nd year of middle school? We met for the first time at a dance academy then. Even then, when we met in Busan, we were really close too. Woojin and I played together, went to the convenience store together, and in an old video, I was practicing my dance and Woojin comes up to me and goes ‘Hyung, do you have a dollar? Hyung, just lend me a dollar’. There was a video like that, I think it’ll be good if we show it in the future. I was really close with Woojin, but I lost contact with him for around 3 years after I came up to Seoul. But when I went to Brand New Music’s practice room to audition, I had to greet the trainees there, so I bowed 90 degrees. But the moment I went down 90 degrees, I heard ‘Youngminnie hyung!’ I was like ‘Huh?’ and looked up and Woojin was there. Woojin used to come up to here (points to his chest) when he was younger, but he suddenly grew to here (forehead). And his voice used to be cute like (high pitched) ‘Youngminnie hyung!’, but now it’s like (low pitch) ‘Youngminnie hyung’. So I was very surprised.”