(INTERVIEW) 180110 – 10Asia – MXM

(T/N: Repetitive intro paragraphs are omitted.)

The rookie group, MXM, commented, “We feel proud now that we get royalty.” This was said at a recent interview with 10Asia at Brand New Music’s company.

Kim Donghyun, who showed his potential as a singer-songwriter through placing his self-composed song, ‘I JUST DO’, on their debut album, expressed his hopes by saying, “I feel a happiness from having other people hear a song that I’ve made. I hope that there can be a lot of opportunities to show my own musical color in 2018 as well. I want to show many music genres.” He added on, “I turned 21 this year. I spent last year busily at the age of 20, so I hope to become more mature this year.”

Lim Youngmin, who turned 24, brought out laughter as he showed a proud smile and answered, “I received allowance from my parents up until last year. Now, I receive royalty and personally pay for taxes. It feels different. It feels like I’m building up the strength to live on my own.” He showed a reliable side by saying,“Now that I’m starting a career, I have more responsibility towards my actions and I feel like I am becoming an adulting.” 

MXM’s Lim Youngmin revealed that he contacts Wanna One’s Park Woojin often. Lim Youngmin and Park Woojin are colleagues under the same company, Brand New Music. With Kim Donghyun and Lee Daehwi, the two of them participated on Mnet ‘Produce 101 Season’ and gained popularity. Through that, Park Woojin and Lee Daehwi went onto debut as the project group, Wanna One, while Lim Youngmin and Kim Donghyun debuted through Brand New Music’s unit group, MXM. Although they are promoting under different groups, they still hold close relationships with each other.

Lim Youngmin commented, “The calls with Woojin usually consist of almost meaningless topics.” He added, “I had a missed call from last Christmas, so I called him back, but he suddenly said, ‘What’. I told him ‘You called me first’, but he said ‘I don’t know why I called’. That day was actually my birthday, so I think he called to congratulate me.”

He continued by saying, “We didn’t have the time to contact each other at the beginning of our debuts, because we were busy. However, since we have more time now, we contact each other more often. We didn’t have the opportunity to meet last time because our promotions didn’t overlap with Wanna One. I want to see them more often while doing future promotions.”

Along with Wanna One, MXM didn’t hold back on showing their affection towards their ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ colleagues. Kim Donghyun brought out laughter by saying, “I saw JBJ’s (Kim) Donghan often during our last promotions. We joked saying that ‘We’re tired of seeing each other, because we see each other so often’, but I was happy to be able to promote together with a friend.” He showed his thanks by saying, “Since I’m from Daejeon, I don’t really have friends in Seoul to talk about my problems with. Even if I had things I was upset with or worries, I had to keep it in, but I talk about it with Donghan a lot lately now.” 

Continuing on from last year, there are many comebacks of ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ singers in the first month of the new year. Along with MXM, who are revealing their 2nd mini album <MATCH UP>, there will be or have been the comebacks of N.Flying, JBJ, Rainz, The East Light, and Jeong Sewoon. Kim Donghyun showed his anticipation in promoting with his colleagues by saying, “We all spent time like family when filming for ‘Produce 101 Season 2’. Even if we see each other after a long time, it feels comfortable as if I’m meeting my hometown friends.”