(ENG) 170808 – Kiggen mentions MXM’s ‘I Just Do’ and NU’EST’s ‘LOOK’ & ‘Daybreak’ in an interview with Ilgan Sports

Q: I’ve been seeing your name on the charts a lot.

Kiggen: “I was lucky. There was a fascinating day where four (of my) songs were all in the charts including MXM’s ‘I Just Do’ and ‘Produce 101’ Season 2’s concept song, ‘Oh Little Girl’. Although it’s been a long time since I’ve done music, it was the first time for something like this. ‘Daybreak’ is a song that’s a year old, but thanks to NU’EST going on broadcast and working hard, I was able to receive gain as well. Although it’s fun, I actually don’t really look at rankings.”

Q: I’m curious about music styles that you like.

Kiggen: “I recently listened to Loco’s ‘Too Much’, but it was really good. It’s a song he made with Gray, but I really enjoyed listening to it. I also listen to NU’EST’s ‘LOOK’ often in the car. I listened to it because it climbed back on the charts this time with ‘Daybreak’, but it was good to the point where I wondered why it wasn’t the title song.”




(INSTAGRAM) 170727 – Kiggen

#IJUSTDO, the self-composed song made completely by the just-turned 20! Donghyun. An ambitious piece that was eyeing a Nike commercial… isn’t what it is, but please listen to it a lot♡