(INTERVIEW) 1st Look Vol. 317 – Woojin + Daehwi cuts

Q: Congratulations on the creation of WANNA ONE. Please say a word towards our <1st Look> readers.

Daehwi: Now that the first button has been clasped well, I feel that I need to finish up the rest just as well. I was able to stand here thanks to the national producers who supported me without a change. Thank you sincerely. From becoming the first center during the course of the broadcast and to the ending, I feel that I fulfilled a project well, so I’m personally proud.

Q: When I saw you guys during today’s photoshoot, it seemed like you were taking care of each other well while monitoring too. I feel that teamwork is the most important since you are all members who each spent time at different companies.

Daehwi: While recording for the show, I think I already had the thought of ‘We’re one’ come up often. We endured through the same times together. Maybe that’s the reason why, but I don’t have any worries about teamwork.

Woojin: Since we’re able to take each of our individual charms and form into one, it creates a larger synergy and I’m definite that it will be a plus to our stage. I don’t think the fact that we’ve practiced so far with our individual styles will become a problem at all.



(NEWS) 170705 – Jeon Somi mentioning Daehwi + WANNA ONE in an interview


Q: You recently came on ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ as a member of the audience and not a participant. I feel like it would have felt different for you.

Somi: The feeling was really strange. I couldn’t believe that I was there. I felt uncomfortable because it felt somewhat like I had to go on stage and at least do something.” Continue reading